Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balos beach October 2010

As last year, together with the musician Dimos, I payed several visits to the south coast ending up on Balos beach. Especially during the days from October 4th to October 11, there was almost perfect weather for taking photographs.

If you have never been there, come with us, take a seat in the Sam Giggle Street View Car ;-), Dimos is the driver!
We're leaving the road between Koumeika and Ormos Marathókampos and within 2,5 minutes we drive down the hill on the "highway to Balos" to reach the beach:

Balos beach beginning of October,
perfect weather for taking photos and swimming in the warm sea:

Balos beach, middle of October:

The huge Kerkis mountain range hidden by clouds:

Let's see how the waves are rolling ashore:

Balos beach in the evening:

On October 16th, we were lucky to find Stellas cypriot restaurant still to be open. We were the only guests there and had a really good time with the son of Stella, who speaks fluently german. Besides a special and very tasty cypriot salad, I liked the grilled Halloumi cheese (Greek: χαλούμι), chicken in lemon sauce and hot peppermint tee.

Leaving the beach, the sea and Balos again, going up the road to Koumeika! You have two choices here:

Leaving Balos in the early afternoon:

Or leaving Balos in the late afternoon!
Everything seemed to be prepared, we had cleaned the car windows thoroughly. When we started driving, the mp3 player first delivered only one channel and then only noise! We stopped, turned around and started anew. While turning around, one of the blossoming trees shed a lot of stuff over the car and the front window. O.k., we let it be like that.

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Horst Welke / pb press said...

mein gott wenn ich die fotos sehe werde ich neidisch...dort möchte ich auch mal hin !

Peter Molz said...

Hallo Horst,
da ist es tatsächlich schön und weitgehend leer im Oktober. Also, nur noch 11 Monate bis zum nächsten Oktober!
Gruß, Peter

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Foto meravigliose... tutte sono così meravigliose !!
Buona serata :)

The Explorer said...

the beach is awesome, thanks for showing it here, at least i saw it in photos

all photos were captured really great.

Las Islas Filipinas World

Anonymous said...

Was für tolle Wolkenformationen!!

Wir waren im Juli 2007 dort und auch da war es ausgesprochen leer an diesem wunderschönen Strand! Gerade die Höhlen haben mir ausgesprochen gut gefallen! Ich werde dieses Jahr sicherlich wieder dort vorbeischauen und hoffen, dass sich noch nicht allzuviel verändert hat!