Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fotos from Samos 2007

During my stay on Samos and after I came back from Samos on October 15th, I have worked on quite a few photos that I took this year.
A couple of days ago, I have published them on Flickr.
I have three sets there:
- Samos, green emerald in the blue eagean sea (pool)
- People on Samos
- Kali Orexi
You will find these fotos when you follow the link below or the link given in the link list!

my fotos at flickr

Other fotos you will find on the "trauminsel-samos" website of Anja in two galleries called:
- Spätsommer auf Samos (September 2007)
- Samos-Impressionen (Juli/August 2007)
Again, please follow the link given below or the link in the list!

my fotos at trauminsel-samos

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