Sunday, December 2, 2007

The truth is bitter but it must be told

This year the influx of migrants coming to the island of Samos has increased significantly if not dramatically. Samos is located on the eagean borderline of the EU.
In their desperate attempt to reach the EU, many migrants now focus on taking the route across the narrow straits between Turkey and Samos.

Almost every night there is sort of a "battle" going on, with the greek coast guard trying to prevent the migrants from reaching the realm of the EU. Those who manage to reach the islands of Samos, sometimes under life-threatening circumstances, are facing bad conditions in an overcrowded detention camp in Samos-Town.

If you are interested in this topic and want to know more, please follow the link given below (to a list of ten links with information dating from September to November 2007).

List of Links

Two videos have been published on YouTube and are included in the list of links, one from France24 and one from AlJazeera:

film report: „Samos, door to Europe“
Report-EN-FRANCE24, 2:37 min

film report: „Greek Immigration Center“
von AlJazeera English 5.10.2007, 2:48 min

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