Monday, September 15, 2008

Agricultural festival in Pirgos


A 2-day long agricultural festival was held in September 2008 in Pirgos right in the center of the island of Samos in Greece.

First day, September 5th: "Kyvelocooking" with traditional food, wine and sweets and traditional dances in the evening on the crowded platia of Pirgos.

Second day, September 6th 2008: an experience of rural life during the period of vine harvest in the vast vineyards north of Pirgos on the slopes of the Ambelos mountains.


A full day of going to the vineyards, having a religious ceremony in a chapel, cutting grapes, having traditional meal in the vineyards and coming back to Pirgos to press the vine and to eat Tiganites and a special pudding made from the freshly pressed grape juice.


Musicians of Samos are depicted here playing the song "Samiotissa"in the yard of Tasos taverna in Pirgos while people are having a good time dancing, eating, drinking.

Come to Pirgos in the heart of Samos! For sure Samos has a lot more to offer than beaches and touristic centres along the coastline. Come and find out with all your senses: Samos is much more than just the coastline!

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