Monday, September 29, 2008

Live music in the harbour of Pythagorio

If you are staying in lovely Pythagorio and want to listen to live greek music, it might not be that easy to find a place to do so in the harbour! Most of the tavernas belong to the so called "comfort zone", that means you will get easy listening music or 50th to 70th music according to the age of the mostly grey-haired tourists visiting the island.

In July and August there is live rock music and greek songs in "Varka". After 1 o'clock in the night, the bouzouki club "Amadeus" offers live and loud music played by a band of 5 musicians till early in the morning.
The restaurants Faros and Poseidon on Remataki beach offer live greek music on 3 days a week (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) to enhance digestion and enable loud speaking at the table.
But if you really want to listen to acoustic greek music in a more traditional way, you better go to places like "Karafaki" or "Notos".

Here are some photos from these two locations.
In "Karafaki", musicians play in changing formations on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, mostly as a group of two or three.

In "Notos", Jiannis Loulourgas together with a guitarist plays once a week, usually on Wednesday nights.

Here is one music example: Jiannis Loulourgas performing solo at "Karafaki" on a rare occasion. The photos used for this presentation show him playing (together with Jiannis Karavasilis on guitar) at "Notos":

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