Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Having fun in the vineyards near Pirgos

On October 13th, I accompanied the musician Dimos to the village of Pirgos to pay a visit to Dimos' friend Kostas. We met Kostas and his brother working in their vineyard east of Pirgos where they were collecting grapes.
So, for some time we joined them and had lots of fun, the sky was blue and the sun was still hot, we enjoyed the beautiful weather in the middle of October on Samos!

Here Kostas is selecting grapes:

Dimos learning how to cut the grapes:

Take care, the grapes of Samos can drive you mad and turn you into a follower of Dionysos.

That's us with a variety of different grapes:

We left Pirgos with lots of grapes and took the road to Karlóvasi, then passing Léka and Tsourlei on our way to the Seϊtáni coast in the northwest of the island. Last possibility for me during this years' stay on Samos to swim in the waters of Mikró Seϊtáni beach.

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