Monday, November 2, 2009

New friends for old cars

Holidays on Samos? Looking for a photo of a car wreck? Well, no problem, Samos is rich in old car wrecks!
A wealth of these rotten and forgotten vehicles can be found along the roads, partially hidden in forests or stuck in fields, and in the gardens around the houses. Since many many years!

The photo above is from the year 2006, this was my favorite car wreck. But it had been removed already the next year I came back to this place.

Old and rusty too: the following two photos were taken end of June 2006.

(interested in photos documenting the later stages of this vehicle after a new colour had been applied? Look here (HDR) and here.
A shot in b&w from 2009 is depicted here!)

Lately, Rainer Kastl has started a Samos vehicle/car wreck collection using latest technology. He has taken a lot of photos in October 2009 and positioned the vehicle wrecks he found according to their GPS data on a map of Samos! Now they are so easy to find, nobody can miss them anymore!

He collected 44 vehicle wrecks within his two weeks stay on Samos. And, in time, more and more examples will be added as points of interest to this map of vehicle wrecks on Samos. Isn't it astonishing, what you can do with modern technologies?

Here is the link to the vehicle/car wreck map.

I could contribute quite a few more, but I don't have GPS data.

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