Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stories of Ireon at night (part 2) / MyWorld

Part 2: the good and delicious food

Over the years I came to know a couple of taverns on Samos I really like to go to and spend some time there with friends. The musician Dimos first took me to this place in Ireon two or three years ago. Since then I like to go there again everytime I'm on Samos: the fish tavern "Captain Miltos"! Fresh grilled fish at its best!
And I especially like the sword fish fillet and the calamari, together with the rosé wine!

Imho it's not a spectacular tavern, rather a place at a dark corner which many tourists won't even take notice of when passing by.

This year I was lucky to be there twice, here are some of my photographic memories of the visits to this tavern:

"Our" swordfish fillets on the grill. "Lecker" as we germans say!

Well this here is our table, my "farewell to Samos table" on that evening on October 12th, filled with many delicious things.
Dimos ordered all of these via cellular phone when we were on our "race" from Balos beach to Ireon:

Swordfish fillet

Squid (Calamari, Kalamares)

Greek Salad (χωριάτικη σαλάτα)

Fried Eggplants (Melitzanes, Aubergines)

Rosé wine

Swordfish portion for two people (on that other visit):

After we had finished our meal, captain Miltos showed us what he fished out of the sea, e.g. a big tuna fish, weighing approx. 20 kg. And a swordfish.
Not so easy for him to hold up this big tuna fish for a while to allow me to take a good photo! (Maybe that's why he doesn't smile here anymore!)

Of course, Dimos wanted to act as a fisherman too, so here he poses in his Superman outfit ;-):

All good things come to an end, so they say ... it's time to say goodbye: The "Blue(s) Brothers" ;-), Captain Miltos together with Dimos.

I get the blues ;-) Bye till next year!

We enter the car and hurry back to Pythagorio. Dimos has only little time left to be in time for starting his music show in a hotel. And I walk slowly - and a bit tipsy I must confess - down the main street of Pythagorio and then up a side street to my studio to take a rest to get rid of some alcohol.
2 hours relaxing time and a warm shower before I will head down to the harbour. At 10:30 p.m. I will meet with Mike in the harbour in another nice place, Manolis' ouzeri called "Karafaki". For some special photographers conversation enhanced by greek "Mythos"! :-)

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Mike said...

That reminds me so much of special holidays!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos, The fish looks delicous and the wine. That is a big tuna the captian is holding. Is that going to be dinner tomorrow?

Hazel said...

Sounds like a beautiful life. Those are 'yummy' shots. I'm fond of fish dishes. Several weeks ago I ate a greek lunch. I can't remember the names of those food - I just made sure I remember they were greek food :-)

Pat said...

I'm headed to the Captain Miltos tavern the next time we're in Samos! It looks like a fantastic place for a meal.

Lawstude said...

now i am hungry.

Anonymous said...

Great Site. Was added to mybookmarks. Greetings From USA.

frapra said...

ich kann aus eigener erfahrung nur bestätigen,
das essen bei joana und miltos ist spitzenmässig!