Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

With these photos of the panijiri at chapel Panagia Makrini in a cave high above Kallithea in the west of Samos, I would like to wish all the people on Samos, all my friends on Samos and all the friends of the island of Samos a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Panagia Makrini is a very special place! For me the panijiri on August 14th left the deepest impression of my 2007 stay on Samos. I spent a whole evening and night up there in the cave with many nice and interesting people from Marathokampos and Kallithea who were singing and dancing.

Please do like this little girl and light a candle, bring warmth to the hearts of all people!

Hope many of you from all over the world will be healthy and wealthy enough to visit (again) Samos in 2008.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The truth is bitter but it must be told

This year the influx of migrants coming to the island of Samos has increased significantly if not dramatically. Samos is located on the eagean borderline of the EU.
In their desperate attempt to reach the EU, many migrants now focus on taking the route across the narrow straits between Turkey and Samos.

Almost every night there is sort of a "battle" going on, with the greek coast guard trying to prevent the migrants from reaching the realm of the EU. Those who manage to reach the islands of Samos, sometimes under life-threatening circumstances, are facing bad conditions in an overcrowded detention camp in Samos-Town.

If you are interested in this topic and want to know more, please follow the link given below (to a list of ten links with information dating from September to November 2007).

List of Links

Two videos have been published on YouTube and are included in the list of links, one from France24 and one from AlJazeera:

film report: „Samos, door to Europe“
Report-EN-FRANCE24, 2:37 min

film report: „Greek Immigration Center“
von AlJazeera English 5.10.2007, 2:48 min

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fotos from Samos 2007

During my stay on Samos and after I came back from Samos on October 15th, I have worked on quite a few photos that I took this year.
A couple of days ago, I have published them on Flickr.
I have three sets there:
- Samos, green emerald in the blue eagean sea (pool)
- People on Samos
- Kali Orexi
You will find these fotos when you follow the link below or the link given in the link list!

my fotos at flickr

Other fotos you will find on the "trauminsel-samos" website of Anja in two galleries called:
- Spätsommer auf Samos (September 2007)
- Samos-Impressionen (Juli/August 2007)
Again, please follow the link given below or the link in the list!

my fotos at trauminsel-samos

Presentation: Avlakia and Tsabou on the north coast of Samos

In this hot summer 2007 on Samos, I paid many, many visits to the north coast of Samos. And several times I stopped in the small village of Avlakia. This place is not so much recognised by tourists who come to Samos. Most tourists and locals are passing this village at high speed on their way on the main road along the north coast.
You really need to slow down, stop your vehicle and walk down the stairs that lead to the sea to discover the beauties of this place.
Avlakia is located west of Kokkari, between Tsamadou and Tsa(m)bou beach and belongs to the municipality of Vathi.

O.K., here is my presentation of this picturesque small village and its surroundings. Most of the 91 fotos used for this presentation were taken in the time range from July to October 2007. Hope you will enjoy it.
Then maybe next time you come to Samos, you might want to stop for a visit or even stay in Avlakia, swim in the sea or spend some time in a taverna!

If you want to see the full size (540x438 pixel), please go to:

Online Videos by

Monday, October 22, 2007

Starting a communication platform on topics concerning my photo galleries

Hi, friends of the greek island of Samos,
I start this weblog ( "blog") to communicate with you.
On the one hand about what I'm doing on Samos, my impressions of Samos when I'm there in the summer season.
On the other hand to inform you about my upcoming photo galleries in the internet, either on my website or my site at
I hope it will work both ways, not only me informing you but getting feedback too from your side. I'm looking forward to get into communication and idea exchange with you!