Thursday, February 3, 2011

Samos 2011: exploring the island!

In 2010 I spent quite some time on the island of Samos taking photos of parts of the island, where most of the tourist will not go to. So here is my new photo-presentation, 23 minutes long, mainly about the natural beauty of this east aegean island and about the local people celebrating their panigiria.

The music that accompanies this presentation I recorded in the village of Leka on July 16th, 2010. There I happened to come to in the evening without knowing in advance of the event in this night. So I decided to stay there. And to have another late night trip on the motor scooter back to Pythagorio!

Four local musicians forming one of the best groups of Samos were playing there on the village square during this event organized by the voluntary fire brigade. I had met these musicians before on other occasions, e.g. in August 2008 in Kallithea (panigyri) and Kastaneá (charity event).

The musicians are:
Mavrikis, Kyriakos: main vocals, guitar, bouzouki
Liapis, Giorgos: laouto, bouzouki, vocals
Sarantou, Vasilis: violin, vocals
Mytilinos, Giannis: keyboards, vocals

I added some copyright watermarks to my presentation. ;-) Despite that, I hope you will like the photos and the music from the beautiful island of Samos in Greece.

The presentation is intended to be non-commercial. No embedding allowed on websites with primarily commercial focus!