Thursday, September 9, 2010

Samos worldwide!

Some of my Samos videos/presentations on YouTube have reached quite a respectable number of views since they were launched:

15.700 views for Samos 2007, greek & green
17.500 views for "Samos 2007, greek & green" (10 min)
19.140 views for Samos/Greece 2008 presentation "greek & green"
22.900 views for Samos 2009, a fascinating experience!

And the winner is:

25.300 views for "Rebetika Tragoudia / Rebetika (Rebetic) Songs"
A video about the music of Jiannis Loulourgas, a luthier, singer and bouzouki player from Pythagorio on Samos island.

Sort of a rising star is the video about the visit of the mega-yacht "Al Mirqab" in Pythagorio (2.900 views since it was published on June 19th, 2010:

On the Vimeo platform I have established a channel called "Experience Samos" with many videos and presentations of Samos.