Sunday, November 16, 2008

The other side

Samos-town has a lot of different faces. This sommer I happened to come the second time to an area most people wouldn't want to know. 50 meters away from the harbour boulevard Themistokli Sophouli. The ruin of the hotel resides directly on the boulevard.

There is a house in Samos-town,
best place to view the setting sun,
it's been a ruin for many a year,
when are they going to pull it down?

Drive-In café on Platia Pythagoras in Samos-town

Seen in October 2008: looks like a market in Samos-Town for the sale of motorcycles and motorscooters. But it isn't!
After most of the tourists have gone, there is room enough for all those fancy vehicles on the Platia Pythagoras again. Quite a challenge, the "real art" is to place your vehicle in a such way that nobody can overlook it!

To me it seems that Samians don't want to walk too much, they need instant access to the cafés on Platia Pythagoras and their scene. Not more than a couple of meters walk and then they want to sit down, take their mobile phones and "communicate". The café Iraion is one of the noisiest places I know on the island! ;-)