Friday, January 28, 2011

Samos Bouzouki School / Yannis Loulourgas

Tired of wasting too much life time on the beach?
Having the wish to come to lovely island of Samos to spend a different type of vacation, an active holiday?

Are you interested in music, in understanding greek music, and would you like to learn how to play bouzouki ....

... or how to build a greek instrument, e.g. a baglamas?

In addition, experience parts of Samos you never knew or heard of?

The instrument maker, bouzouki player and singer Yannis Loulourgas in the village of Pythagorion has started his "Samos Bouzouki School". With many years of experience as a singer/bouzouki player and instrument maker, he offers first hand knowledge!

"Samos Bouzouki School offers two workshops: ‘Build Your Own Instrument’ and ‘Learn To Play Greek Music'. Depending on your choice, in one week you will learn the process of how to build an instrument or you will learn to understand and play Greek music."

"Meeting people who can convey peace and quietness from within is rare … and can only be achieved when what you do, it isn’t a job, it’s a passion…
Born in Pythagoreio there is only one word that can describe the way Yiannis Loulourgas views life: Music!"

If you want to know what type of music Yannis Loulourgas plays, here is an example with songs from his CD "Rebetika Tragoudia":

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Kristin said...

Thanks for the lovely tour of your world. Never heard of the Greek musical instrument before. Definitely an eye opener for me. Bouzouki looks similar to a guitar but is so much more unique and rich in cultural heritage. Love your video. Nice and beautiful music the Bouzouki produces. So relaxing. Great for a holiday.