Thursday, October 16, 2014

Photo presentation: "Samos, May & June 2014"

Samian Dreamscapes: "Samos, May & June 2014". A selection of more than 250 photos that I took during the months of May and June 2014 on the beautiful and green island of Samos in Greece. Mostly of places that are not visited by mainstream tourism on Samos.

Since the whole presentation is over 34 minutes long, I divided it into two parts!

Part 1 (15 min):

Part 2 (19 min):

Don't expect Samos island to be this green - and full of blooming flowers - in hot summer and autumn! Areas full of yellow blooming broom can be seen best in May till beginning of June.

The music accompanying this presentation I recorded "live" on Samos. Music is performed by local musicians:
- Giamaioi Sygrotima / ΓΙΑΜΑΙΟΙ ΣΥΓΚΡΟΤΗΜΑ during a concert in the school yard in Vathy end of May (Vasilis Sarandou on violin on that day!).
- Yannis Loulourgas together with Georgios Markou in "Notos" in Pythagorion in June 2014.

Yannis Loulourgas & Georgios Markou - O Kaixis / Gel Gel Kaixis (The boatman)
Yannis Loulourgas & Georgios Markou - Άλλος για Χίο τράβηξε (Allos gia Xio travikse)

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