Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Exploring the Magic - A visit to Ikaria

Not far away, west from Samos, 1,5 to 2 hours with a ferry, there is Ikaria island. Since many years I had been reading articles and watching videos about Ikaria, and in this year I finally made it to visit this island.
In part my visit to Ikaria was triggered too by a new (2015) fast ferry connection from Pythagorio to Agios Kirykos: the catamaran ferry "Dodekanisos Pride" makes one stop-over in Fourni and after 1,5 hours reaches Ikaria island!

What I found there I liked so much that I came back again a couple of weeks later! Here are a few photos as "teaser".

My impressions from the visits to Ikaria I have condensed into a video and a photo slideshow.
If you are planning a visit to the islands of Samos or Patmos, don't miss the chance to pay a visit to Ikaria too!

Icarian dreamscapes (preview)

Exploring the Magic - Ikaria 2015

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